Saying Hi




Just wanted to say hi to everyone on the community, I’m a new member after signing up for the 2D course. I am excited to be taking this on, it has always been a passion of mine to write video games. Unfortunately I had to change career paths very early due to family circumstances however after speaking with friends the other week, I thought to myself why not give it ago now.

A little bit more about me, I’m 37 and I’ve been playing games from at least 5 years old (that’s what I can remember). I’m told by my family I started earlier than that but I don’t recall. We have an Amstrad CPC 848 (hopefully that’s correct) where I played games but also started to learn about coding. At school and through my A-levels I did computing and managed to create a database project in VB. Following that I did one year at uni for my Computer Science degree, picking up a little bit of Pascal and C++. However that took a change because of my family circumstances as mentioned.

Nowadays I’m a finance professional, working in Treasury. I have a young family. I’m always saying to them you need to go for the things that make you happy, and now this is my chance.

A bit of a long introduction but I’m hoping this is the start of something very exciting for me.

Quellcrist / Kev