Say Hi teacher Rick Davidson

I learn Unity 2D in
with Teacher Rick Davidson and Teacher Ben Tristem

in Course Section 1 . introduction and setup
Subheading 5.Community & Support
Teacher Rick want introduce my self

My name is Adipong Jindamaneekornrakun
My Nick Name is Aum
I’m 31 years old. Live in Bangkok. Thailand.

I’m working about IT Support in 7-8 years But I’m boring to do.I want to change job to unity Game developer. Because I think create Game is use Creativity for Build Game Project.
So I’m searching in Udemy and meet Teacher Rick Davidson and Teacher Ben Tristem
in Unity2D and Unity3D Course. I bought in 2 Course and Think not expensive to learning.

And I’m have passion to build a game project in career job
So. I begining in Unity2D before.

If I’m have about question unity I’ll ask teacher and this community

So, I’m thank you to see this Topic

I’m just only beginner But I’ll learning in clip video to fininsh.

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Greetings to you. I also have a hope and tenacity to learn. All will be good. Just do it. If you persevere but also eat and rest then you will succeed. We will succeed.

Thanks so much for encourage me Mr.Robert.

Where Country from?