[sad face] Deleting the asset from Unity 5 deleted the actual files

After i made the new files using GIMP unity started showing png and xcf files. Following the instructions, I deleted the files within the Unity Assets > Sprites folder. Sadly, Unity deleted the actual files off my computer :frowning:

I suppose In the future, I will should all my edits in a separate folder outside of the one managed by unity and assume that all files in folders managed by unity are subject to deletion.

Anyway, not spending anymore time on the graphics of this program…just going to import the assets provided

If your only copy is within the project directory structure then yes, Unity will delete the file.
If you have the files externally and drag them into Unity then it won’t delete the original file but will instead make a copy and delete that when it is removed through Unity itself.

So it is worth putting asset files external to your Unity project like in My Documents in Windows and then bring them in from there.

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