S3 L56 Bowling Alley

I made a lane for the scene by UV unwrapping a fine wood texture I had. With a little playing around in the node editor I mixed it with a glossy shader to give it a more polished wood look.



I really like the wood that you put in your scene! I am taking an Environments class and we are learning about Nodes and Shaders. Wish I had thought to use this on my bowling ally! It looks realistic. Did you also add glossy to your ball? It almost looks like it has a glow. Over all I think this is great! I can’t wait to see other projects of yours! Great job!

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Yeah, I mixed a neon green diffuse and color matched glossy shader. I also reduced the roughness a little bit to give it a little more shine. I had this texture left over from a tutorial video I watched a while back and decided to put it to use here. Thanks for the awesome comment. :smile:

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