S3 L49 Bowling pin

Bowling pin with materials assigned. Smooth/flat


Your faces, are a bit dark. Probably because of the normals being inside out. (Michael will explain later).
If you are in edit mode and all faces, vertices are selected. Press Ctrl+N, to normalize (Recalculate Outside) the normals. Maybe it will help.

And I thought it was just my eyes - not being able to see the shiny materials :slight_smile: I realized my mistake while going through the next lecture. When he told me the check if all the faces were correct after the spin, I went on and did a Recalculate Outside. Because everything was okay at that stage, it flipped my faces outside in. Thank you for all your advice - I really appreciate having somebody “watching out” for me. Is this one better?

Wonderfull :wink:

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