S2L26 Mayan pyramid

This is my Mayan pyramid :slight_smile:

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That’s great work how did you do the top?

Thanks Jason! :slight_smile: For making the pyramid top, I select the top face and press β€œI” key for insert new face exactly in the same face and press β€œ.3” to make a smaller face, then extrude this new face in the β€œZ” axis, β€œ1” if I remember well hehe, then again press β€œI” key, and now to make the new face bigger, press β€œ1.75”, then extrude the face in β€œZ” axis β€œ.2” and finally repeat the process. I have to press β€œG” key when I want to extrude a face, maybe you could have the same problem, because with the β€œE” key only move the face to the right hehe. I hope I’ve helped :blush:

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