S2 L25 Normal recalculation

As others apparently have done, I missed the part about setting 3d from object to edit. Could not find the menus, and I looked at them all. I am in 2.78, so of course I figure something moved. Googled it, tried using the blender website manual, no joy to be found. Finally I started skimming the Q&A and there was another with the same problem. The mentioned Edit, I had a ‘derp’ moment, flipped it to edit and then it was simple. a couple of sides I did piece by piece, then I ['tried a split angle and selected-+9+56+- all the misaligned and did it as a mass flip. The bottom, had all 9, again I selected them all. Perhaps there is a quicker way to select them all to do a large number of turn overs.

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