S1_11 Cube, Cylinder and Cone only millennium falcon, first blend

This is my first time using / opening blender and have only seen up to S1_11. I tried to follow the instructions, using only what I have learned so far and the shapes provided within the challenge. I apologize that it is not to scale. But I can see from the instructions given, even coming in with no knowledge of art or blender that it is possible to start using it.
Thank you for the instructions so far,


That looks great! It’s a clever use of the basic shapes to rough out an iconic spaceship. Well done!

Thank you so very much, DocMonster

I really appreciate the positive and kind feedback.

Millenium falcon? Nice )

WOW, this is cool. I am a big fan of STAR WARS and for a first version this is really imaginative.

Great work.

Awesome use of the basic shapes!

Thank you all for the comments and encouragement. The comments also give me a chance to see your work also and they are always inspiring.

Awesome job William!
Your imagination works much harder than mine! I’m super impressed.
Here’s my version of the challenge.

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You have me beat on a lot of levels especially with colors. I am colorblind and have struggled with the first parts of the course, only because of the selection highlights.
I enjoyed your work on this challenge for two reasons:

  1. You used contrasting colors that allow me to see the different shapes used.
  2. You built this from bottom to top, with the final piece still selected as evidence of that. This means you are a person that probably always builds a foundation first, allowing many things to be built on that.

Since we have a great instructor that explains things in detail, I cannot wait to see what you will achieve with a proper foundation of blender to build on.
Please keep up the great work.

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