S02L33 Mayan Temple Stairs Challenge

Well the back of the temple had some great stairs shapes, so I used Array command and made another pyramid, selected the stairs and cut them out. Changed the pivot to make them easier to move, snapped them into place and stretched them to fit, duplicating stairs as I went. then I joined it all and removed duplicate vertices. My stairs have a kind of lip at the bottom but I like it that way, not flush. Was a little repetitive but fun!

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Stairs nice. Maybe I will try to figure out how you did that.

I decided to decorate it.

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Thanks! Yours looks great! I wish I had done it like the teacher did because his way was a lot easier. :grin:

Well this class is about being creative and he does say that there a many ways to achieve a result. . .

Mine is decent. I will come back to it once I am better at using blender.

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