S02 Recess: Wine Glass from 1 Cylinder

I took a break from the Mayan Pyramid and applied some extruding/scaling lessons to make this simple wine glass. Can you tell what I have in front of me? :sweat_smile:

I extruded it up in small increments to try to simulate a curve. I also extruded back in in small increments, and scaled the face wider, to give the glass an inside face that would render. I actually did take this all the way down to the pit of the glass.

I assume there are easier ways to do these things?

Might not be much, but it’s way more than I thought I’d be doing on day 2! Loving the course.


You can use popotional editing. That allows you to change vertecies around your edited selection. There are some different curves to select. They have different levels of effect on the vertecies around your selection. The proportional editing can create round ore smooth or random curves in your model. It is an essential tool so try it out a bit for example with a plane with some more geometry than just four vertecies.
And for the thickness of your glass there is a modifier called “Solidify” that automatically does that for you and does not take any control over your mesh…
Would love it if you gave me a reply on how you did and if you have problems

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Awesome info, thank you. I’ll try proportional editing on the curves and use solidify instead of extruding inward. I’ll post results later this weekend!

Thank you!

When you get to the Bowling section, the lecture will show you how to use outline the pins you will create from a reference image and use the spin tool to create the glass itself. :slight_smile: You can also use Bezier Curves, which are shown in the Lamp section. Blender is cool in that you can make the same item several different ways depending on your preferences and needs.

Keep up the good work and enjoy the course!

And one last thing. In object mode, select your glass hit the space bar, type in “smooth” and click the option under shading. You can see what cool difference that makes

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