S02 L38 - Wooden Crate

I got up this morning and wanted to see if I remembered any of the hot keys I learned yesterday.
Not too bad considering this was before my morning coffee!


Cool shape. Can you post a wireframe? How long did it take you to make this?

One wireframe for you!

It took me about 20 mins, although I’m sure I’ll get quicker with some practice.
It was really just an exercise to make sure I could remember all the hotkeys I learned yesterday.

It’s just the starting cube, which I carved into using the inset and extruded tools at different points. I then duplicated one of the sides and added some extra detail for the lid.

Thanks. It looks nice. Seems like you have the basics of box modeling down. I also like that you went the extra mile to add internal support structure (near the internal 4 corners). I was interested in the shape of the beveled vertex on the lid. It’s a pentagon, and normally I get a bit nervous when seeing ngons because you’d prefer to model using only quads (or triangles if you absolutely have to), but it seems like a nice planar face so well done :slight_smile: (Michael explains this a bit later in the course in section 4, and it really is quite important for your models down the line.)


I’m not going to lie, I was a bit lazy on the corners! :smile:

I was going to use quads (as you suggest) but accidentally put them in like that. I think I clicked the extra vertex by mistake. It seemed to look ok though, so I just left it.

Give me a few more days and I’m sure my skills will be a lot better. At this stage though, I just want to get the practice in by making as many little models as possible.
The phrase “finished not perfect” is my current mantra. :wink:

I was admiring the extra detail on the supports too. It is the small things like that, that make the difference to some people. If I had requested a realistic crate and one had those supports and one did not I would def choose the one with the supports.

Thanks John. I agree that it’s the little details that make the whole thing seem a bit more real.

If I was doing this model for anything other than my own practice I’d have also added the extra cross bracing to the box, rather than just the lid.

I’m definitely looking forward to spending time on some more complex models, especially after what I learned from doing my bowling pins.

Make solid snake sitting in it :smile:

Haha, shouldn’t that be a cardboard box? :rofl:

Technically, but still it’d be awesome.

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