S02 L33 Pyramid stairs Array - Problem solving

I have to start by saying that many of the issues I had are related to the fact that I didn’t construct the initial pyramid in standard unit increments which would have made everything snap together properly I’m sure.

Issue #1 : The 2 edges for the first step did NOT want to snap to the right edge railing when extruded. I thought I did something wrong.
Solution: Wiggle it back and forth a bit and it will eventually snap in place. Closer view you’re in the more obvious it is when this actually occurs.

Issue #2 : My stairs went up at a steeper angle than my ramp (see attached pictures). Again, I’m guessing that if I had used units of 1 as opposed to eyeballing the first and ending up with increments with fractions in them, this may have worked better.
Solution: I Solved this twice as Blender crashed after fixing it the first time.

First way was to have the cursor snap to the active object (the stairs) and then have the manipulator snap to it. Then Rotate around what is then the center of the stairs until the stairs are parallel to the railing and ramp. Then move them down until they are touching the ramp.

Second solution - much better - move the cursor to the middle of bottom edge of stairs, which is on the ground plane. Move the manipulator to the cursor. Hit Rotate and it will rotate around that bottom step and fall right into place particularly if you have edge snapping on. The top step will snap together with the top level of the pyramid and PRESTO, problem solved.

This was good as it was also an exercise on how WHERE you place the manipulator affects what happens.

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