S02_L23 Merging Verts

I first off merged the intersecting verts in the separate meshes through Remove doubles. This Produced the following result:

But then I though that it could actually be reduced further, only not through the remove doubles feature. I selected one of the verts in the middle, then selected the vert on the corner above it, hit ‘Alt-M’ and selected 'At Last" to merge them at the coner. I did this also for the last couple of verts and voila, 8 verts left, the minimum amount needed to produce this shape.


LOL, I did the same thing except I deleted all the middle verts and put faces on the object. Then I got a tad worried that they were going to do modifications on the object and that I would have to remake it with the 12 vert version to follow along.

And that’s probably why they discussed the version control in the lecture before this one. They knew someone was going to do this haha

yea, I have been drawing on Blender for about 4 years now and I learned everything I know from separate You Tube video’s. I learned early on to minimize the verts as much as you can. I have made model ships in Blender and got to where I had 10 million verts and it shuts Blender down.
here is my first ship.

You cant see it but I have vert lines like in every 1 meter scale segment and the ship is 186 meters long, so it made a crazy amount of verts. it scaled funky and I had to redo the whole ship later. I modeled 3 other ships first though so with all that I learned including modeling with way less verts the second one came out much nicer.

the final result for my book and for Wikipedia.

LOL, actually the second pic is the Spahkruezer in scale comparison to the M class cruiser line drawings.


Looking very nice :slight_smile:

Thank You . :smile:

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