S02 Extra Challenges - Sky Village

So I wanted to get as much practice with what I learned in Section 2 before moving on. I had dabbled a bit in blender before, but really nothing beyond a basic “how to get exactly the result you want” style youtube video. With those types of videos I found myself constantly forgetting how I’d achieved certain results, so I wanted to really make sure I retained what I leaned so far (and I think I went a little overboard…)

So my first few models aren’t anything spectacular.

Just a few simple pieces, a few of the first object shapes to come to mind. But I didn’t really feel like I’d utilized all the new things I had learned. So I started to piece together a project that would allow me to practice things like scaling specific portions, the array modifier, and so on. So I started on this little thing.

Right now its not too detailed or anything, but its entirely constructed with techniques demonstrated in Section 2. Face specific subdivision, extruding, creating loop cuts, duplication, object merging and separating, etc. Hopefully with the knowledge I gain in the next few sections I will be able to expand on it, but if not it honestly wouldn’t take too long to recreate once I know more.

Currently, the village consists of one house model, one tree model, one well model, one churchy/school type building, one clock tower, and one large abstract chunk of floating earth. Many models are obviously repeated using the array tool, which I’m really excited about using because I was unaware of how to use it prior to this course.

I’ve had a lot of fun learning this course so far and look forward to what the next section will bring.


I think this is exactly the best way to learn,
take what you know, and make something, the more you use the tools the better you understand their capabilities and how you can best use them.

Honestly I didn’t think of an array modifier of doing anything more than multiplyin small things - you kind of have to change how you think when dealing with digital assets.

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