S01L12 - Tadis



Bonus points if it’s bigger on the inside… :slight_smile:


Hopefully I can make it after finished this course~ :smile:

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It’s actually something I’ve thought about quite a bit, without ever attempting to actually do it: how to convincingly portray the bigger-on-the-inside illusion. If I ever figure it out I’ll let you know. Meanwhile: good luck with it! :slight_smile:

Here is one after section 2~

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That´s pretty cool. You should keep updating this thread as you improve and get it better. Colours next?

Colored @ session 3


After Section 6

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I’m pretty sure it looks awesome with an emissive channel in Unity so the “glowing factor” is a bit clearer. Great work so far and nice composition!

Awesome! :smiley:

Here is an almost final one~~~~ @ Section 7, which is such a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGG section… toke me almost a month!


Pretty cool to see it change as you progressed through the course! Looks awesome!

Really cool to see the progress going from the first section up to 7… I’m just starting out with the course and this stuff is getting me hyped up for the rest of the course!

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