S01L12 - Dog


Wow! This is nice! :open_mouth:

Awww… how cute.

Just in time for RPG companion season! :slight_smile:

Nice ,i first made a water dispencer but i tried something more complex this time

hope you guys like it.:slight_smile:


whoa! can’t wait to get to that point.

This is freakin’ awesome

thanks for the replies been off the course for a while,major health issues(crohns disease).
So i don’t have the motivation and energy to put in projects.
Hope to post again soon,time will tell.


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: you will get there your just have to find the drive to learn and build things,for me it was game modding,i put 100+ hours in my first project,before i began udemy,just studied some you tube tutorials.
It’s a good thing your already on udemy that’s a plus,because this course on blender is top notch,it learns you things,you tube tuts can not.So if you have the motivation you will reach your goals.

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