RTS-lite, Clash Royale Type Tutorial/Course


I’ve heard one of the teachers on Udemy (Wilmer Lin) is considering making an RTS-like course, something like Supercell’s Crash Royale or Star Wars: Force Arena. He’s probably one of the best teachers I’ve found on Udemy (along with Ben and Rick of course) and I’d be pumped if he put out a course like this.

I’ve given Wilmer some feedback of what I would want covered in such a course, but that getting other input would help give him a better idea of what a community would want. Wilmer mentioned he may do a Kickstarter for the course and that he was considering covering ECS and multiplayer with the new Netcode for unity (although he had concerns about putting everything into one course) But if it gets enough interest he may split the complex topics into a 2 part course, or have additional sections as stretch goals on a Kickstarter.

So if you’d be excited to see a course for an RTS type game, add to the discussion and what you’d want to see or be most excited to learn about.


Though I would consider neither ECS nor the new Netcode production ready, it’ll definitely be interesting to see a course on it.