RPG Tech Demo is out!

Hi everyone! This is just a little tech demo I made based off the RPG course. I’ve added a few things throughout the course, then spent a lot of time on polish and a few extra features.

Unfortunately, I had a camera switch option that didn’t make it into the build as there were conflicts with the shaders in the WebGL build.

Lots of polish still needed, but let me know what you think of the additional features and the direction I went. This is all just for learning purposes. If I was to make a full game I’d probably start from scratch. :grin:

Check it out here! https://addikins.itch.io/rpg-demo

As a side note, I am working towards a junior developer role. I have been working with C# for about two years, and JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3 for about one. Feel free to check out my portfolio if you have any advice or referrals! https://adhemazzabi.com/


Loving the art style.

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Thank you very much! As I’m going for the programming career path, I don’t have a ton of time to put into art :sweat_smile: Some great assets out there though!

Just released an optimized version with a tutorial, boss fight, and just in general lots of improvements. Same link above to play it! =)

Very nice job! A few minor glitches with your “inventory” (e.g. there were times where one item was highlighted, yet I had a different item equipped), but I can tell you put some work into this. I enjoyed playing through your demo, though the end-boss may need a bit of tweaking :slight_smile: I’ll follow you on itch.io and watch your progress.

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Thanks so much Seth! I see you have some projects up there as well, I’ll definitely check them out! =)