RPG Game like Sacred or Diablo in Unity


Hi there,

just wanted to start a general topic about htis since there is none on the forum right now, afaik.

When can we expect this course to come online?
Will we start from scratch?
How far will we implement the game?




This is one I’m excited about too.

From the sounds of it though, it wouldn’t be until sometime next year before its available.
There was a thread somewhere about when they made the next unity course, The Complete Unity Developer 2017, and making a game like this instead of 4 or 5 small separate games.

My guess would be when it does become a course, at the end of it you’ll have a basic shell of a game. Creating such a game would take a lot to complete, so it would give you the foundations, user interface, map generation, npc interaction, questing, skill trees, items, combat, and a couple of player classes. Then it would be up to you to make the rest of the classes, skills, items, quests, and maps that you want for your game.

That’s my hope anyways.


Hi Oppa, it will be a few months but we will aim to get there this year!


Ooh, that’s great news.

I can’t wait! If you need beta testers, I volunteer as tribute.


Nice, glad to hear that!

In the meanwhile I will try to complete my first selfmade minigame, which is only possible taking this course! I am still not through the whole course, but google is doing the rest :slight_smile:

Thank you for the great content!



I upvote this thread.
I like to learn some this like this too.


I’d be happy to beta test this too.


Will this be a new course added to the Complete unity course or whole new course?


It would be a new course.


will be 2d or 3D?


I think it will be 2.5D


It depends on what the community wants when we turn our attention to it.


Wow, this sounds really cool; I’d be glad to help test anything as well if needed, and if you want my opinion I reckon 3D rpg’s are much more popular nowadays, but either 2D or 3D would be really cool.


I will definitely want to take this course when it’s available! In the meantime, I should get cracking on the other Unity courses to prepare! :smiley:


2.5D would be great (+1)


Are there any updates on this topic Ben? :slight_smile:


Thanks for asking, we know you’re all keen. We have a fair amount of pressure to build intermediate content at the moment, so we’re thinking this could be a follow-on course rather than a beginner course.


for me personally that would make jump off the chair.
i’d love it to be a follow on course, the course you have already created pretty much covers the basics anyone would need. :slight_smile:


How about a Clash of Clans clone for this?


Personally I like the initial idea more than clash of clans.