RPG Course For Unreal Engine?

Is there any chance of getting an RPG video set like the one for unity? Would love that? Is there somewhere I can follow to see what you’re working on releasing next?

Hi Alex,
Generally we don’t announce courses until they are ready for early access or release since sometimes they don’t work out and are abandoned.

As for an RPG course, It’s a bit of an ongoing joke in the team regarding a UE version because the original Unity courses took so long to develop - it was at around 2 years if I recall. Unless I’m not aware of it, and that is possible as I wasn’t aware of the Unreal Stealth Combat course until it was released, I believe there are no plans.

Well darn. Maybe I’ll be happily surprised by a release. Won’t get my hopes up though! Lol.

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It’s a commonly requested course but it would take time…maybe by the time UE6 is released :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s no joke that RPGs are a massive undertaking to make, let alone teach how to make.

I 100% get that. Why I’d like some help with it aha.

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