Risk of running namespaces in a larger project

Now, there are many positives with using this method in the beginning of your code, such as being able to clean up the code a bit, and having a much cleaner style, so that way if an error does arise later, it is a little bit easier to read and follow. It can also avoid errors as well, because you could be typing something, and somehow you type stf by accident, as you are just typing and looking through everything, it kinda just keeps that avoidance from happening, so it also saves you time.

The drawback is when you get into something a bit larger, using different namespaces. If a name space calls out a certain thing, and it is called by multiple namespaces, then you have a risk of getting an error even further and deeper in code, when adding a new namespace you havent previously used. This will happen if, in planning, you dont see this issue coming up, and then have to go in and find every single statement that calls upon this particular namespace, and change it to std::“typeCallOutHere”.

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