Returning to C++ after a long time out

Did some C++ way back in the day with C&G and then at uni… mostly embedded stuff and it’s been a long time since I’ve done any…

Mainly work with scripting languages and SQL Server at work these days but looking to do some more programming again for fun… what better way to get involved than game programming.

Should be fun :slight_smile:

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I can relate as someone trying to get back into C-based coding after a hiatus. Some of that knowledge gets rusty. Even though I’m in IT, I haven’t used a lot of the C languages, so I’m having to shake off the cobwebs using courses like these to get back into it.

C++ 14 is basically a whole new language.

I first learned C++ is 2000 and most compilers didn’t even comply with the standard that had been recently published at the time. Now, we have not only got a much better standard, we also have compilers that are compliant! (Yes, even Microsoft’s)

Do you remember code full of double-pointers and pointers-by-reference? Well indulge in a bit of reading about copy constructors, move constructors, copy assignment and move assignment. Follow that up with some research into the new built-in smart pointer template types and finish off with some investigation into “elision” and return-value optimisation. Prepare to have your mind blown.

I think when I first started learning C++ for my degree, it was still C++ 11 - this was in 2013. So I guess I’ll have to learn C++ all over again! Hoo-boy!

I’m definately a bit more behind than that… used to write most of my code in the Borland Turbo C/C++ compilers many many moons ago…

Still have some of my old books from uni and the last time I used Visual C++ was version 6 :blush:
I suspect I have a fair bit more than pointers to worry about :slight_smile: I’ve done some VB & C# .NET so will have to see how I go

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