Restitution problem

I trying to create a match 3 game(just for fun), however i came across a problem. I create a tile and by using gravity i want them to fall down however when using physics the result is just terrible. I set the material setting restitution to 0 and the objects still bouncing… i found this post the author having the same problem and the post from 2016…nce-at-00.html
Is there a solution for this?
I added on component hit function to see whats happening.
link to a video:

So i added the next line of code to the on component hit function:
m_BoxComponent->BodyInstance.bLockZTranslation =true;
Surprisingly it did not solve the problem , the tiles still bouncing,oddly it updates in the editor but actual physics constraint is not getting updated.

I cant think of something to do to solve it…
Does some one have an idea??

If I’m understanding the problem correctly, could you not just disable physics on hit?

Hi Dan, this twas my first idea, and i implemented this by disabling translation on z axis
note: that x and y axis is disabled on creation, tiles only fall down.
m_BoxComponent->BodyInstance.bLockZTranslation =true;
However it seems that it will not get updated in run time…
shown in the second link.
Disabling physics altogether has different side effects as meshes get stuck together or far a part…
m_BoxComponent->SetSimulatePhysics(false); // not working
It really strange that the engine has such a bug…
I guess ill have to write its movement on tick function…