ReRigging the model - devestation

I do get the idea behind doing it wrong first then fixing it. But this is ridiculous…

…-ly FUNNY! :smiley:

I think I understand what happends. It’s in the many variants of coordinate systems and influences.
The IK for instance don’t play well with direct manipulation.
Think of it.
If you animate by IK, the rotation of the bones are calculated => key-frame
When you animate directly blender calculate the values between two key-frames => SAME key-frame

No point in mixing like that and the model behaves like an animal with a severe disorder (or 3)

Just wish Blender wasn’t so full of whacky pitfalls.
Don’t get me wrong, I love having a full featured CGI tool like this and I know there are more than one right way for each problem. Just wish the number of pitfalls where more manageable.

Nope, didn’t find any way to save the animation.Made a new one just to make sure the rigging works now…


same thing, new animation, old version broken)

@Jakarta, @Jonas_Printzen, @Michael_Bridges

I had the same problem. However I did not start over. I made two separate vertex groups for the base - one for the base and one for the stem. The base will be unrigged, but the stem will be associated with the stem bone, as long as both have the same name. It works perfectly now.


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