Rendering times

So, I think I should mention that I have the benefit of already being a computer nerd and my kids have moved out…

I have also already discovered that the AutoTileSize AddOn works perfectly so…

Rendering on CPU took about 1:30:xx.
Rendering on GPU for me took about 0:27:xx.

Rendering 100% at 2560x1440 took 2:10.xx.

I use a 16 threads 4GHz CPU.
The GPU is dual GTX1080.

Oups, I just learned from you guys that my GPU is better than I thought :slight_smile:

GPU => 23s (0:23:xx)
The 2560x1440 now at 1:59:xx. Tile size is important!

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Interesting, do you have the link to this addon?

… just realized that it does good but not perfect :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I was not able to get the addon from the site but I found it here:

I only don’t know if it’s the same version.

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