Render Times

First run with GPU @tile size 128x128 was 2:12:91
Second run GPU @tile size 256x256 was 1:51:49
Third Run GPU @tile size 960x540 was 2:08:99
Fourth run GPU @tile size 480x270 was 1:49:66 *best time seems to be 1/4 of the render at once.
Firth run GPU @tile size 64x64 was 3:47:80
Sixth run GPU @tile size 240x135 was 1:56:32
I find it rather odd that the test bench was a GTX770 and ran it in 1:50:00 when my GTX 1080 took almost exactly the same.

First run with CPU @128x128 was 3:49:87

Ok, so REALLY odd now… I switched over to my GTX770 and ran it at 128x129 and rendered in 1:21:74
Second run GPU 770 @Tile size 480*270 was 0:56:86 *mind blown

I find that result also odd as I have an i7 @ 3.5 Ghz and it ran faster than the i7 @3.8 Ghz. I can tell without further rendering (at this point) that GPU rendering for me is where it is going to be.

Anyone have any ideas why it would be about the same time for a GTX 1080 to render as a GTX770?

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