Render Times - I7-6700K @ 4.00GHZ w GTX Titan on Win 10 Ent

GPU card is now about 3 years old but still works quite well.

Render times:
192x216: 1m 28s
512X512 : 1m 21s
1024x1024: 2m something (stopped it at 2m mark)

192x216: 4m 32s

I didnt bother trying any other times as 1m 21s seemed to be the quickest and that will be good enough for now.

Hi Daniel, i would like to compare my i7-3770K@4.2 with your new and shiny i7-6700K@4 .Would you please do the CPU render test with 8x8, 16x16, 32x32 setups? Thanks!

Sorry Richard, been a while since i have been on here.

Just got a new MSI 1080ti Gaming X card. :smiley:

Here are the CPU renders you were requesting
3232 = 3m55s
16 = 3m55s
8*8 = 3m45s

And just for reference, my new GPU times
512512 = 43s
216 = 47s
256256 = 46s
128 = 1m10s
64*64 = 2m46s

Thank you Daniel and congratulations for the new monster :slight_smile: very nice rendertimes!

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