Render set to 150 yet it is calculating 8160

I have set my preview and render both to 150. And tiles 16x16.

But when rendering it says “Path Tracing Tile some number/8160”

Where did this number come from?

It is the number of rectangules of size 16x16 that you need to render to get to the size of 1920x1080.

(1080/16) * (1920/16) = 8100

But since 1080/16 don’t return a integer (67.5), it will just round up to 68 (the last colum of rectangles is only 8x16 though). Thats why it will render 8040 full 16x16 tiles plus 120 8x16 tiles instead of 8100 16x16


:smiley: Wow, You seem to be very good at maths. Thanks for making me understand

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You are welcome @a2warik, I’m glad that I could help!

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