"Removed 0 vertices"

I cant get this to work using method explained. I had to turn on auto merge to get it to work and realign the edges. I reloaded my .blend and moved on with the video. I tried it again by selecting all and changing the Merge Distance but it still will not merge. Screen shot below. Any idea why this is not working for me?

The only reason I can think of that it is not working is because the vertices are not exactly sharing the same space.

I’ve zoomed in at times to try to properly align vertices before with a struggle. You can try to use the Snap function to make sure at least 2 vertices share the same space for testing purposes.

And, I agree, it is best to move on taking as much as you can but maybe return later to see the error easier.

Let me know if Snapping helped position them better~

I turned on snapping without auto merge and lined them all up nice and pretty but it still wont remove doubles. I am at a loss. It works when I use snap AND automatically merge… I also played with the min merge distance and it wont do it either. I will make a new object and try it again later. I am sure it is a user error on my part and I enabled something or hit some unknown quick key at an earlier step that is causing this.

Yeah, it is usually user error with Blender because there are so many settings.

If you feel the need later to upload the file, I could double-check.

Enjoy the following videos~

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Thank you for your help. I will if I am still have the same issue later.

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