Reduced Poly count of lamp base

I somehow lost the generated lamp base after generating the mesh from it. But could reuse the curve that was still in the scene. Messing about with deleting vertices and “Bridge Edge Loops” knocked the face count down from 1200 or so to ~400+. The centre loops seemed to make the most difference.

Thats certainly a big reduction.

Well done.

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It was good until I got to the next lecture and found that Michael had centre polygons extruding that he used to create a stem. Had to go about it a different way on mine!

You could have selected the inner edge loop where the hole is and filled it with F. Maybe extruded it a negative amount too.

That would have given you your inner polygons back but would have probably kept the majority of your reduction.

As described in next lecture discussion,I did pretty much that, then separated the geometry using “p”. The bevel was done with an edge loop and lowering down the inner edge down the z-axis.

I has the same issue so don’t feel bad! :slight_smile: I ended up having to redo the entire base I was so lost! While curves are really useful, I think I would have been better off doing it by hand till I have more practice at modeling. I have learned to save copies of my files a couple of times and not really alter anything till I watch additional videos information.

But, on a positive note, making errors makes me think about what I did wrong and how to solve the as efficiently as possible. So, it is a good thing really and adds to the learning experience.

Yeah I think its actually good to try with the skill set you have as it reinforces the actual lesson not to mention the earlier skills you have Having said that I’d like to have done block modeling with the base also.

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