Realms game with set dressing

I’ve made it as far as the lecture 73 ‘adding water’, just after ‘set dressing’. The improved scenery seemed sterile without sound, so I added some. The water uses a normal map generated from a low-poly mesh to look more consistent with the other assets. It’s starting to look like a game!


This is really nice! Did you make all the assets yourself?

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Really good job friend. It is looking like a real game already, very much on the right track.

I like your player model and all the other models in the game. I also enjoyed the tropical atmosphere. Nice work with the gate opening effect also.

The camera angle seems to suit the game nicely. I think for that camera control I would prefer a WASD + mouse control rather than point and click.

Overall, I like the mood and the set dressing.

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Thanks, The grass, bullrushes and leafy shrubs are from the asset store. Everything else, I did in Blender.

Thanks. I’m currently using the standard assets ‘multi-purpose camera’, but I haven’t settled on a camera/control scheme that I’m happy with. The current one can be a bit irritating. For mouse/keyboard I’m thinking of having the camera follow the cursor, instead of the player avatar, which would let you look around; and both WASD and mouse clicking for movement. I’m also thinking of making the player continue to attack the current target, rather than having to hammer the mouse button.

I enjoyed auto-attack both in Neverwinter Nights and Dragon Age Origins.

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