Ready to animate!

The baking and the painting chapters were quite difficult because of the blender workflow. I haven’t tried 2.9 yet because it’s not LTS, but I hope they improve this process in further upgrades.

On the other hand, it’s amazing that we can do all the process of creating a character just in Blender! Not to mention other features like the video editing, the grease pencil, eevee render… This software is awesome.

Now let’s get this ogre animated. Cheers, everyone!


Omg he is a fatty! I love it :smiley:

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Nice work.
I was not able to bake by the process mentioned in tutorial. @Wordofcurse helped me and mentioned about cage option for baking.



Does it worth it the cage option? What steps did you follow?

For me Cavity Map and Normal Map was not coming in fine shape after baking, so I had to use Cage option. I don’t think you need to use as your maps are fine. you can refer below link to know about the issues.

From following video, I leant how to use cage option in baking.

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