RE: Multiplayer course - Unit Not Spawning Correctly

Hi. So My tank is spawning on its side and I am not sure why. I’ve tried adjusting the rotation on the prefab but it does not change anything when it spawns.tank on side

I am still zipping the file folders if someone wants to take a look. I think I found the problem however but don’t know how to fix it. So I think there is something up with the asset because I saw online some other people have had issue with the file type and it orientation and I got a free tank asset from and it works perfectly.


Just out of curiosity what is the code you’re using to spawn the tank?

Gday ill grab it later today you know my project zip still hasnt finished lol…its been 21 hours lmfao

The code though is the exact one from them multiplayer course and I am certain there is something up with the orientation of the asset as I found online this can be a problem and I put in other assets and they all work perfectly.

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