Railing Challenge: Completed

Here’s the completed extra challenge for the railings! I didn’t do it the way Michael demonstrated, and after looking at some other people’s work I noticed many did loop cuts to do it – I did it a more complicated way than both I think. I extruding the two edges straight up that would make the outer face of the railings, then I extruding those faces inwards to give the railings depth. As far as I can tell, though, it looks just as good and the geometry also looks about the same. If there’s one thing I really like about these challenges, it’s learning different ways to accomplish the same goal.

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I did this two different ways, first I figured out my own method (took a lot longer) than I did it the way the instructor did. It was much faster that way. One very important lesson I learned, when using a loop cut make sure you don’t have the “merge vertices

that are place in the same location” on. I ran into some issues with that until I realized what I did wrong.

Had some issues along the way, but made it through! Very useful little challenge. Very useful, indeed. :v:

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Here is my new pyramid. I had to go back and completely redo it when I was trying to pull the flat ramp up. My original was not proportional, and it did not work. I’ll keep that one to play with later.

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I like having railings :slight_smile: Now nobody can fall off the side of my stairs :smiley:

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Was trying to do it with inert faces option but that made it more complicated to fix. Thought about loop cut and slide option aswell but just went on and did the way instructor do it.

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Railings added, really helps add some shape to the stairs.

I had a very difficult time being creative with the first Mayan Pyramid I made so I made 4 different ones. 2 I did my best to create and 2 I use the instructions on the video, very helpful to see the more experience way of doing it! Gotta admit, this challenging pyramid has gotten me use to the snapping tool.

I had a lot of trouble with this, I had to fast forward. I was trying to extrude the ramp at first, with the idea I could move the edges and create a rail. Then I tried insetting but that didn’t work because it got too complicated. When I saw how it was done it seemed so obvious I felt embarrassed. I didn’t think to extrude a vertex to create a new edge. After having it explained however it was very simple and easy.

OH also, using Z to translate up was helpful, my first set of rails ended up being more complicated to finish as I was making two sets, one up the ramp, and one on the top base, and then merging the edges to create a single rail. The ramp rails at the end faces at a 45 degree angle rather than straight up, and I was struggling to make them look neat at the bottom.

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