Rachel's Number Wizard + [Solved] GameDev Error

Hi! I’m Rachel and here’s my Number Wizard game.

The game runs in Chrome but I’m getting an error when trying to view it in Firefox (version 47.0; latest version is 47.0.1 so I don’t think I need to update Firefox).


Is this with a setting in Firefox or the build? I just followed the instructions from the course lesson.

I’ve searched the internet and found a few references to this error but haven’t figured out a solution yet. So thought I’d ask for help here.

Of note: I did create the game in Unity 5.3.4f1 then installed 5.3.5f1 (to get the WebGL I hadn’t added) and opened it in the latest version and created the build in that version. I tested the game in Unity before building and it worked great.



Hi @Rachel_Bruner,

Nice Number Wizard you have there, I like the change in text on main page and the winning page :slight_smile:

One thing I spotted, if I keep pressing higher the Wizard eventually guesses 1001, breaking your 1 to 1000 boundary.

Regarding the javascript error, I’m not sure what you may have in the javascript console in the browser, but I found the following info that may (or may not) help with the Firefox issue…


Do you use custom history settings in Firefox - particularly regarding cookies?

Try this - in Firefox go to Options > Privacy and check if you have “use custom settings for history” selected under History. If so, make sure you have “Accept cookies from sites” ticked and “Accept third-party cookies” set to Always.

Otherwise, you can simply select “Remember history” from the History drop down. That’s how I have it and it works.

Hope that helps!

I found it here, someone else reporting a similar issue etc…

Hope this helps.

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Hey. I hope one of the Administrators sees this. It seems like gamebucket might have some Cross-Origin Requests that need to be repaired (I doubt this is due to Rachel’s pretty basic Number Wizard Unity code). It isn’t generally desirable to ask all of your would-be friends/testers to change their policy settings so that they can test the game.

In the javascript window (for Firefox) I’m seeing: “Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at http://m.addthisedge.com/live/prender?sid=57895929e26b2152&uid=578954c8e5bd876c&ids=5460-10-5450-8229-5461-6088-5458&rev=v7.3.0-wp&delay=0. (Reason: CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ does not match ‘*’).”

I’ve seen other Cross-Origin Request blocked errors as well, but I’m sure they’ll show up with a minimal attempt to reproduce the problem.

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Thanks, Rob! The tip to change the “accept third-party cookies” to “Always” worked!

Yes, I noticed that issue (going higher can hit up to 1001) after uploading. I’ll need to figure that out.

I really appreciate your help!

Thanks, Family_Hansen! :slight_smile:

It looks like the error was on my end with the Firefox settings for cookies.

I’m not sure if the error you’re getting is also related to the settings.