Rabbit scene

Couldn’t figure out how to get rid of that square.

Maybe you hide object form scene but not from render, check icons in outliner

It is looking great!

did you model that tree or are those leaves a particle? I was gonna do something similar but i’m too lazy and want to get to the next section, haha.

Plus I dont have a good ground texture to make my hellish landscape with.

… actually blender isnt even letting me give it a texture for some reason.

Edit: Oh wait, its because you have to do it in the node editor for cycles. There are different texture nodes besides image texture there.

Hmm… still having trouble getting the texture to display, wierd. Oh, it was because the UV was still wrapped, or something. Still having a bit of trouble tho hmm…

I guess the UV editor was acting up… you don’t wanna know.

I used another tutorial I found to create it with a plugin. Actually, I
think that’s what the next section is on :slight_smile:

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