Quiz 5 and criticism of 'Lean' production

So, I have a problem with lean ‘production’ the way it’s described in lecture 42 and the way it’s presented in quiz 5.

If lean production means iteration in order to gain feedback from the person who controls the ‘value’ of the model or asset, then wouldn’t it slow down if the asset value changed to models that were very detailed in specific ways with all sorts of added physics and rendering? And therefore wouldn’t a blender asset take a long time to produce making lean production somewhat non-existent?

Lean production seems to only be valuable for prototyping, which is not technically production of a valuable asset.

To me, batch production is superior in the sense that a prototyping phase is already completed and now all that’s left is to produce batches. I don’t think that speed is compromised in a batch style production and that batch production can also be lean production.

Essentially if I had a game company, I would not introduce this idea. The value would not be placed on how fast I could make a game, because speed and quality are almost always opposing forces. If I make even 1 pancake with the lean method, the way it’s described, I’ll have used up all the batter prototyping pancakes.

What is described in lecture 42 is disorganized batch production, not lean production. If I am modeling a placeholder and no one has directed me that there is a specification I have to meet, then that is the real waste of time. What lean production suggests is that this specification should evolve, which is only necessary in a conventional art production environment where you are a cog in the machine. If you want to learn blender to produce your own artwork, then the only time you would use lean production would be to understand the way 2 different programs or work stations interact. It would not be necessary to create a model in blender if you already knew blender, but It is valuable for learning.

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