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I’m interested in putting together a support team on Steam. Nothing fancy, just a bunch of people sharing Steam contact info so we can reach out to each other regularly and quickly whenever we may need help.

I’ve found myself repeatedly in situations where I know the solution is quick, but I just need a second set of eyes to find it for me. That second set of eyes is increasingly rare the more advanced my project becomes.

Anyone interested in something like this?

What about a whatsapp group?

I am wondering if discord would be a better outlet as it can be used more easily to share code samples/screenshots much easier than other outlets i think.

And i have something set up here if people are interested in it.

https://discord.gg/HVrUMXT (This will take you straight to the unreal course discord that i made so you might need to install it first)
If Ben or someone want to make an official one then we can migrate to there but for now i hope this will help people


I tried the Unity section in Discord. I’ve gotten a lot of help there, but I always feel like my stuff is simple compared to what they’re talking about.

I’m all “why doesn’t this animator work” and they’re all “lolol check out this multi tier random drop system I built”.

I don’t really care how we go about it, I just feel like a lot of us could move forward faster with immediate help rather than waiting like we are now.

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I’ve updated the sections in the discord server i created so it has the subsections like the forums here.
Also renamed it GameDev.TV Courses to cover all the courses here.
Again this may become permenant or if the admin team make one then we can migrate to there.

I should have specified. This is for Unity, not Unreal. I didn’t realize they were all combined here.

I have put together a Discord channel for Unity for these courses.

Sam from the course has actually joined the channel. It surprised me, but it’s awesome! :slight_smile:

I’m trying to frequent it as much as possible. If you need a second set of eyes really quick, feel free to hop in and ask a question!

Why Discord over Slack, or Facebook Messenger out of interest?

Discord is basically like a massive chat service that supports voice and screenshots and tons of other stuff. When we talk about quick support, we are basically talking about a chat or call service that will answer almost immediately. Discord is that and a ton more.

I don’t know anything about slack. Facebook messenger is meh.

I just feel like discord is the right atmosphere for what we are doing. Anything else doesn’t come close. It covers all the technical demands that we may have and it does it in a clever, gamer-y way.

Thanks for the clarification. This sounds like a good project for me to setup over Christmas.

I’m assessing all the community started channels right now and looking for one to use as the starting point for the official one.

Will you have a period of time and then review it’s usage afterwards etc?

Not sure what you mean?

I meant as in, pilot it, then review whether its practical/useful, or, just roll with it regardless.

Just by way of caution, you probably want to make sure the GDTV team have sole admin rights over the service (whether it’s Slack or Discord or something else) rather than legitimising something started by a community member as the official channel.

I only say so because I’ve seen people lose control of their brands in the past and you have a good thing going here.

I’d concur. It’s simple enough to set up a discord channel and lock it down with your own admin selections and etc.

I don’t worry about you losing your brand as much as I do the channel not being considered legitimate.

I’d only use that one if we get full ownership of it, if not we’ll send a legal request to remove our brand and start our own.

…presumably these things come with some lower level permissions that could be applied also?

The more of these things you have (Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Forum, Slack, Discord, Trello and so on) the more management it’ll need, or, I think you run the risk of it going feral and then representing the brand poorly. For example… if GDTV staff aren’t manning this channel fairly frequently (daily?), will you have a few select members to manage it on your behalf? If so, the more of these you have, I would suggest the more the need for creating some guidelines would be (it has come up before but at that time the forum didn’t exist either, it was just the Facebook groups).

Example only, but on the forum I tend to run a periodic check for profanity, not because I am so pure that I never swear, just that because I appreciate that with such a diverse community, especially of age, people could be easily offended by it, and if we maintain a good example people tend to follow it. It doesn’t occur too often but I do carry out a routine sweep and asterisk out a few words in posts as I see them.

When you get your first troll in the Discord channel and it needs attention, it may be handy to have an agree set of guidelines (for all of the community areas) that are applied, that way said troll can be dealt with swiftly before things get messy.

I raise this primarily because you mentioned recently about your team size (think it was in your live stream) and if you take on more things like this you may reach a point where it gets untenable to cover all of it, I think that’s where you may run the risk of posts / comments / behaviours occurring that are not in the interests of the community.

Call me Mr Worry-Pants if you like, just raising a concern as the community and tools grow :slight_smile:

I appreciate the concern Rob. I welcome any help and am happy to pay for it as we grow.

You can program bots to be very intuitive. There are a ton of options for bots these days. Our twitch bot would ban people for any vulgarity beyond what you’d hear on TV. It would warn them twice then just ban them and they’d have to request to be unbanned.

You can find tons of word lists from Christian groups all over the web that you can attach to the bot. These are pretty extreme, but they literally cover every possible vulgarity or disgusting word you can think of, and tons you never will. Dump them in the bot, and your channel can block pretty much anything you don’t want there.

Honestly, I wouldn’t worry too much, though. The unity dev discord channels are very helpful and rarely do I ever see any conversation beyond the expected. I use it frequently, it’s just swamped with people.

It has community enforcers that establish and protect the channels. Several of them help me on the regular. And because it’s a chat app on mobile, you can monitor it 24/7 pretty easily. That’s why discord is so powerful.

Check it out if you haven’t already:

Or Google unity developer hub… it’s in the unity3d forums.

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