Quick Prototypes

Working on going for simple shapes that express what ultimately wants to be made, and doing it speedily.

Each of these were mere minutes a piece. Two just basic primitives. Two involving some loop cuts to the mesh data as well besides scaling and rotation. One involving some extrusions and deleted faces (ironically that’s probably the one that looks the simplest which speaks volumes to the idea of just quickly lumping primitives for prototypes).

I like how the mace almost looks good enough as is. You could probably use particle effects for the spikes, but when the area distribution is as light as it is it probably makes more sense to just lump the primitives by hand.

Mirror Boots:

The next step:

Loop cuts + one bevel and some more movement. I had to delete and re-topologize a face so that I had quad loops all around.

Just a loop cut, a couple scales, moves, rotates for me. And deleting and solidifying faces. Ended up more like feet.

Adding the buckle:

Even I’m not sure what I’m doing anymore:

On the other hand with a couple loop slides I’m starting to get boots that look more like armor:

Made a simple kunai for the inset challenge: