[Question]Sound fading on the Game main Scene but not on Menu's

So I am at a complete loss. When I test through the game I have the same issue.

Expected Result:
To have the volume created in the music player in the start menu maintain a consistent volume level through out the game.

Actual Results:
The game audio dips whenever switching to the main game scene and then spikes back up when cycling to fail menu and start menu.

Steps Taken:
I have switched over to scene view to ensure that the sound is consistent in location.

Any assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I had the same problem as you but I found a solution that worked for me.

When importing a sound clip in my project, it is automatically set to 3D Sound and so the volume is affected by your relative position from the audio source. In my case the the Main Camera z index were different from 1 scene to another. To resolve my problem, I made sure the position of every Main Camera were the same.

2 Solutions to have a consistent volume:

  1. Make sure the Main Camera have the same position
  2. Disable 3D Sound on the audio clip

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