Question - merging vertices

In wire mode can I not select verteces from other objects than the active object.
I select and when trying to select the next one, it only unselect the selected one.
I have selected all objects, but no difference.
I am working in Windows encironment.

please assist?

I can’t access the video right now to check, but if you want to merge vertices as in actually merging, you need to be doing that within the same mesh object. So if you create two cubes in Object mode, they will have their own independent meshes. If you create one in Object mode and the other in Edit mode for the first, then they will be of the same object mesh (even if separate).

If you are simply trying to Snap vertices together, you’ll need to enable the Snap function and set it to closest vertex in the drop-menu options.


If you are having an issue with actually just selecting a vertex that is hidden by another object, then use either C (Circle Select) or B (Box Select) while in wireframe mode to easier select things without having to turn the camera around the object.

Sometimes by trying to select a different Vertex/Edge/Face sharing the same space as another, you’ll just end up deselecting the original one. It’s tricky to accurately click when things share the same space.

Hope that helps~

Thanks James,

I found my problem…
I had to join all the objects as one, then was able to select multiple
vertices that overlaps.

appreciate your assistance.

Awesome to hear that.

I was going to mention about joining them since I saw multiple cube objects in the outline, but then the orange selection highlight on the center, lower vertex looked like it was going to the other part of the mesh in question (from how I saw it).

While we are on the subject, I want to quickly teach you a shortcut in case CTRL+Z (Undo) ends up being a bit more of a hassle. But let’s say you have two cubes joined together after doing CTRL+J in Object mode. Then in Edit Mode, press Shortcut P (separate) after you selected all the parts (faces/edges/whole shape) and choose by Selected.

Just be aware that separating things like this will carry over the materials and other possible settings that were in place for the object/mesh from which it was separated.

Have a great day~

Thanks James,

I was wondering how to separate again my joined objects…

have a good day

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