[Question] Is there a reason why my Monodevelop doesn't always suggest code?

Just a quick question here. I’m noticing in the video that when he types in “Camera.”, he’s able to autocomplete to “Camera.main”. Mine isn’t doing this, and it’s driving me crazy - especially when I have to type something like “Camera.main.ViewportToWorldPoint …” etc. Even worse, other suggestions pop out, and I always am accidentally autocorrecting to something else!

Is there a quick fix for this? Perhaps some setting I have turned off?

I’ve found this tends to happen if I move a file and keep it open in MonoDevelop. If I restart MonoDevelop and open the file again, I get autocomplete back.

This is also why in the video he keeps getting popups asking him to save changes when he didn’t do anything - it’s because the file moved.

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