Question about boolean modifier

Hi everyone, this question border me a while and finally I created a set of test for the boolean modifier.
Here is my bishop and subtract target :

And here is the outcome for each shapes:

Some of them work ok, but some of them created lots of odd polygon, such as these 3 below:

I am wondering if these is any rule or anything we should do or not do with boolean modifier?

Anyone can help? Thank you very much!

Here is a closer look on each one…
UV sphere created a very rough edge for the chess…
But what can I do if I really need to create a sphere hold on a column?

Hey tinkism,

I think the main thing you need to consider when using the Boolean Modifier is using similar object resolutions. By that I mean, if you have a low poly object, you’ll be best off using another low poly object to use with the Boolean Modifier.

You should be careful of your placement with the second object, and you should be sure to not to have it oddly shaped. And make sure you have the object forming the hat extended far out enough to stick out from both sides of it.

You can ignore the (K)nife bit in the picture, but the length of the secondary objects vs the base object is what I mean.

I suggest you play around with cubes as your base object, a few shapes as your secondary object, and apply the Boolean Modifier with them in different positions on the cube. It is a little easier when the objects are more simple.

Hope that helps~

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