Temple of the damned, used to channel dark magic! (inspired by the undead structures in Warcraft 3 :smiley:)
had a lot of fun with this section so far. I wanted to create some more complex structures around the pyramid and practice some of the stuff we learned.

side note: i messed up and joined everything together to quickly so i wasn’t able to paint the individual parts like i wanted. maybe there is hope and i can come back and paint it.


Awesome temple! Very unique!


thanks! now that i look at it i realize it kind of looks like a building from starcraft 2 haha


Even if you joined the objects together, you should still be able to apply materials to it. Or were you going to handpaint it?


so i’m still very much a newb when it comes to this, i was just selecting the objects in “object mode” then going to the materials pane and applying basic color. i haven’t progressed in the courses yet to see how your actually suppose to do it, i’m sure there’s a way and probably a few different ways to still add more color to the different parts, i just don’t know what they are yet :smiley:


Yeah that’s pretty easy way to lay down some colour. You can also apply materials to faces, in Edit Mode with the face selected and then pressing assign in the Maerials pane, when you have the material (colour) you want to apply selected.

But yeah looking forward to gettting to that part myself.


Ohh cool, I’ll have to give that a go tomorrow, I never thought of trying to lay down color in edit mode to the faces, thanks for the tip!

Im really excited for section 7, that looks like it’s going to be lots of fun


re-did the pyramid :slight_smile:, this is the Snake temple. i also separated the objects into separate ones to paint them then re-joined them.