Pyramid with bonfire pit and skylight

Took a while to get the inside done the way I wanted, but it seemed to come out okay in the end. Was planning on putting stairs inside to go down into the pyramid, but decided against it due to it taking forever and instead just made a bonfire pit.

Outside View:

Front Door:

Inside View:

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That is really great. How did you get the little blocks out? How did you make the doors? Very nice work!

Thanks! It was really fun to make. I made the doors by subdividing with value 3. As for getting the little blocks out? Iā€™m not quite sure what you mean. If you mean the four towers on the top of the building, I just messed around with extruding the edges in coordinate directions and completing the towers with the face tool (F button). If you mean the skylight and the bonfire pit, I had to mess around with the insetting tool (I button) to get a square shape and then extruding or removing the face it created.

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