Pyramid ramp - remade

I didnt have in mind the 45 degree angle for the ramp when I first created the pyramid so I ended up with a non-45 degree ramp for this lesson:

I ended up creating a new pyramid, but this time having a 45 degree ramp requirement in mind

Heres what I did
I set up the dimension for the original cube to be (10,10,0.5), moved the origin 0.25 up along z axis --> new origin (0,0,0.25)
For the insetting, I used 0.1 for thickness ~ 1 unit along x or y axis (0.5 on each side). Then for the extruding part, I hit z key to extrude along z axis for 0.5 unit. That way the angle formed is exactly 45 (triangle with 2 equal sides).
Repeat and then follow the instruction to build the ramp. My way of extruding is extruding along the x axis, that way I will only need to fix 1 edge (top or bottom of the ramp) later.

Took a bit of planning :slight_smile:, but it was really fun!


I had to redo mine as well for the same reason! Haha!

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Haha yeah. I figured it might cause some issue later on so I decided to go back and redo the whole thing. Glad I wasnt the only one :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m right there with you and Angie_BeLow - I started over as well because I didn’t plan for a 45 degree angle. Thank you for sharing your process. It helps change and / or reinforce my methods when I see how other folks work things out. The model looks great!

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