Proper Tank Tracks & Suspension System

Hey Everyone! I’ve completed this course a while back and I’ve been working the game as I have time. Recently I found an amazing thread in the UE community about making tracked vehicles. Here’s the post:

Machine Modeling Toolkit

The main post has three links to YouTube videos by OldRaven that show how to set up a tracked vehicle using the toolkit. It took a bit of playing around but it was rather straight forward to implement this into my battle tanks game. The videos explain everything really well, the only thing I did different was I extended the Machine Modeling Toolkits class MMPawn and re-implemented ATank on top of it. So it went APawn -> MMPawn -> ATank -> blueprint extension etc. Besides renaming, it was plug and play. This allowed me to use the Aiming & Turret control from ATank and plug it into the movement/suspension of the Machine Modeling Toolkit. From there, I just followed the three setup videos by OldRaven.

Here’s what it looks like set up:
Suspension & Track System Demo

The MMT was created by BoredEngineer, amazing open source contribution. I’ve been playing around with it for a few weeks and thought I would share with the community.

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