Project"WasteLandRPG" GDD Start


I am fairly new to the whole forums and community thing, I usually keep to myself but I figure personally I should start getting myself out there and sharing and socializing! So i figure I would post up the first part of my GDD idea of what Ill slowly gear my game towards!

Project “WastelandRGP” 1-Page GDD
Diablo Meets Metro 2033

Genre: RPG, Post-Apocolyptic
Target Audience: Mature
Controls: Diablo Like controls (Movement, Combat, Camera) → Mouse/Keyboard AND Gamepad
Thematic Setting: Metro Like theme (Enviroment, Art style, Items and weapons)
Tech Stack: Unity 5+
Platform(s): PC
Game Moment: Player can Move around a certain area and collect and equip some items, Combat Scenario with multiple enemies

I’ve always enjoyed Diablo for the gameplay. And Ive recently got into metro and love the art style, enviroment, and the gameplay aswell. So I figure why not try to mash the two together to make something while I learn. Gameplay would mainly have the diablo style but add more of a survival/ scavenging feel to it like in metro. Have certain player classes and skills and add some crafting mechanics to it aswell. Definitely feel like it would be something to work towards and provides alot of different mechanics I can implement and run with! Let me know what you all think!!

Matthew Douglas

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