Project RocketMan!

It’s finally here! Project RocketMan!


There are 3 levels in total (I planned to do more, but it took more time than expected). You are a dude with Jetpack, you are the RocketMan! Make your way through various obstacles and treacherous environment, while maintaining your Health and Fuel !


  • A,D to rotate
  • Space to Thrust
  • Hold down Shift to Boost, you’ll go faster, but your fuel will also deplete faster

Have Fun!

PS: It’d be amazing if you were to give me feedbacks about the game like: How was the controls? Which level was hard/ easy/ good, how would you improve the game? Thanks

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Congrats on releasing your game :partying_face:

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it took a while to get used to the controls. I’d consider changing the tilt / rotation to not be continuous.

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