Project “Dark” GDD



Project “Dark” 1-Page GDD
Post-apocalyptic Cyberpunk RPG

(Images above are property of Jonas De Ro. They are used only for inspiration and none of them will be used in a commercial product).

Genre: 3D top-down isometric RPG
Target Audience: Teen [13+]
Controls: Mouse, Keyboard, Gamepad
Thematic Setting: Post-apocalyptic, Cyberpunk
Tech Stack: Unity, Blender, Gimp, Audacity
Platform(s): PC, Steam
Game Moment: Hiding in the shadows, while exploring the world.

Game Summary: Stealth based futuristic RPG. Big part of the human population is wiped after a catastrophic disaster. Those who remained alive are searching for food and clean water. A group of bandits called themselves “name-of-the-gang” are terrorizing and killing the innocent people. In order to survive you must stay off-sight while trying searching for provisions.


This sounds awesome. Read something like 30 of these things and this one just sounded like something I want to play…GL


Thank you!